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The Carlson Family

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lauren speaks French!

I had to share this information with you because it was just too funny not to. Luxembourg has a "Luxembourg only" grocery store chain called Cactus. Lauren loves to go to this grocery store because the cashiers usually give the kids candy. However, one day the cashier either forgot to offer candy to Lauren, or thought that she wasn't old enough to have any. Lauren wasn't about to have any of this and starts yelling "bons-bons, bons-bons!!!!" Bons-Bons means candy in French. The cashier and everybody around us started to laugh at my 2 year old demanding candy! These were Lauren's first French words spoken without prompting. Very funny!!!

As long as we are on the subject of grocery stores, I thought that I would post a picture of the grocery cart situaion here in Luxembourg. All of the grocery stores chain their carts together and you need to insert a 50 cent or 1 euro piece in order to disconnect the cart from the row. When you are finished you reconnect the cart and retrieve your money. I thought they were afraid of people stealing the grocery carts, but Mark told me it's to make sure people return the carts to the correct place. Another difference, you have to use reusable plastic bags that you must buy to bag your groceries. They do not have any free paper or plastic bags. We just always keep them in our trunk so that we don't forget them (otherwise you have to buy more at the grocery store). It seems like such a more economical way of doing things. Just another one of the many differences we experience in Europe (this occurs in Belgium and France also).

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