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The Carlson Family

The Carlson Family

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gone for too long!

O.k.- I realize that I haven't posted anything since last spring. I've been feeling really guilty about all of that and then our dear friend Claude back in Luxembourg made me feel even worse when he recently sent me a message saying how much he missed pictures on our blog. I promised him I would get back to posting pictures. Thank you Claude for making me do this again and I hope you enjoy getting caught back up on our lives!
So what's happened since last spring. Ericka played soccer for the first time in the spring and loved it!! Ericka finished kindergarten here in the U.S. , and is now attending a new school this fall for first grade. More on all that later. Mark and Angela have been working WAY too much and the summer went by way too fast. We took a much needed trip to Hawaii, Angela went back to MN to meet her new niece Mikayla and for her cousin Linda's wedding. Now school and soccer have started again and we are trying to get back on a much more normal schedule. We'll see how this goes. So enjoy the next few posts of our summer recap. Claude- I promise you that I won't let so many months go by without posting new pictures!!

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