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The Carlson Family

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Auschwitz-Birkenau (continued)

The second part of the camp is known as Birkenau. Birkenau was established in 1943 after the initial camp at Aushwitz quickly became too crowded and the Nazi's needed more room to carry out their plans. Birkenau was constructed about 3 km away and the barracks were constructed out of wood rather than the brick barracks seen at Aushwitz. There were 4 gas chambers and crematoriums at Birkenau. In 1944 it is estimated that Birkenau had 90,000 prisoners. Only 7000 remained at the time of liberation. The Nazis destroyed much of the Birkenau site prior to the liberation to try and destroy the evidence of the mass killings. Only remains of the gas chambers at Birkenau can be seen and some of the barracks. These pictures show the wooden barracks, the inside of one of the barracks, and the ruins of the gas chambers. A very moving experience to walk the road that so many did to their death.

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