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The Carlson Family

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Mark insisted that since we were so close (only 2 hours away) that we needed to go visit Gibraltar. Mark does a lot of work with Gibraltar for U.S. companies and he wanted to go see it. Gibraltar is actually a british colony and is known as "the rock". This tiny country was very important for England to maintain control of due to it's large sea port access.

We did some shopping while were here, and of course we had to take a cable car ride to the the top of the rock and see the monkeys. The monkeys are roaming around everywhere at the top and will take your belongings if they think it may contain food. So you are strictly warned to not carry plastic bags or food around. The girls loved seeing the monkeys so close, and Lauren still keeps asking us if we can go back to Gibraltar!
Before we left Gibraltar we headed to the beacon of Europe- the southern most point of Europe. Africa is only 15 miles away from here and the last picture is taken from this point. That is Africa in the background. If we would've had more time we could've taken a ferry ride across to Tangier and spent the day in Africa!


katy said...

honestly, i didn't even know the rock of gibraltar was in Spain. My guess would have been the U.S. How is that for ignorance?! I always forget how close we are to Africa. Hopefully we'll make it there before we leave.

katy said...

oops. an english colony.